Lessons in Real Life Entrepreneurship

Muthonomics is the podcast of entrepreneur and educator, Brandon Muth. The podcast covers his philosophy to business, derived from first hand, often unorthodox experiences, all of which have contributed to him growing his premium software business to server customers in over 20 35 45 50 60 75 countries. Brandon is a staunch defender of laissez faire economics and believes that effort and efficiency + incentives created > goals desired.

What the heck is Muthonomics?

Glad you asked! I’ve written a brief blog post that answers that exact question. To help further clarify what you can expect keep reading below.

Decidedly Anti-Elitist

If your justification for being, consists of a school name, letters after your name, or your family’s reputation, Muthonomics is probably not your cup of tea. I hate pretense, deplore (continuous) victim mentality and can’t stand entitlement. On the other hand, I value achievement, absolutely love effort and probably have a close-to-clinical obsession with perseverance.

Focused on Doing a Lot With a Little

Teddy Roosevelt once said, “do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” I agree wholeheartedly with his statement and this it is the secret sauce to success for those starting life or a business without a head start.

Redefines Entrepreneurial Success

Lambos, private jets, custom suits, guys yelling into their iPhones telling you to buy some overpriced sophistic crap. We’ve all had our IG feeds flooded with this nonsense. And sadly, more and more people are equating it with success. But you can look at dozens of people who have acquired all those things, but are still miserable. People who’ve reached life’s supposed summit, but who still display deep, grating, soul discontentment.

If we don’t lay the proper foundation for success, the weight of whatever we build will eventually crack and crumble due to a shoddy foundation. You IG is telling you what success is. But not only is that feed WRONG, most of what is pumped out by the business/entrepreneur/coaching/startup world is WRONG. Afterall, what does it profit a man to gain the whole world but forfit his soul? There is an approach to business that is not built on bragging about what you have, but building what you love (and even more importantly, understanding why).

This is what Muthonomics is about. A perspective to life/work balance that starts with contentment, then mixes a ton of tactical ingredients (like resolution, honor, discipline, industry, courage) with deep, vital understanding of tacit concepts, like free markets, humility, liberty, Austrian economic theory, customer behavior, supply and demand, monotony and sticktuitiveness.

Always Learning, Not Afraid of Ideas

The six words directly above are a commitment to lifelong, perpetual learning coupled with a vigorous curiosity to explore any idea. This, coupled with outsider perspective, is the backbone/foundation/special sauce of Muthonomics. This does NOT mean that every idea will ultimately come out of the critical thinking factory packaged as valid, however, our culture’s growing fear of even investigating to understand supposedly “bad” ideas demonstrates an enfeebling, intellectual atrophy that I have ZERO interest in adopting.