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Episode in which I recount an experience with a moral goody two shoes who looked like Mr. Clean, bemoan FDR as being one of the worst Presidents ever, advocate for asking “yes, but what happened before that?”, argue that fear and want are powerful motivators (and a much better option than acquiescing to the benevolence …


Episode in which I outline 4 steps I’ve found are necessary to free yourself from manipulative situations/people, as well as, 3 ways to grow as a person after you’ve left the manipulative environment. Other topics mentioned include shopping at Staples, Mount Everest, Jeff Bezos, Samuel Rutherford and the exploration on origins of certain English phrases.


An extremely bird’s eye view of the end game of toxic masculinity proponents, a call to resist caricatures, and a call to pursue MLK’s dream of judging people by the content of their character, by defending the individual dignity of every single human, whether they look like us or not.


Episode in which I finally get around to discussing two “scientific” articles that caught my attention over the summer. The first one deals with the a Canadian study bemoaning the oppressive nature of dodgeball, while the other tackles the supposedly sensitive subject of obesity by equating it to slavery. Insert eye roll emoji and click …


Riveting episode, complete with the low, ambient background noise / roar of the pavement beneath my tires for 73 minutes. Enjoy!


Economic progress can be disruptive to both industry and individual livelihood. How you respond (retreating in panic is never a good option) to the growing number of algorithms replacing human labor is vitally important to your ability to continue to make a living. Other topics hit on, among others, include road trips to DC, 300 …


Instead of burying my head in the sand and being an evidence ignoring proponent, I decide to take my own advice from Muthonomics #17 and discuss what happens when laissez faire fails. I also might make fun of Nicolas Mahut getting plastered three times in the men’s Wimbledon doubles final.


Episode in which I read some reader emails, advocate for regulating the regulators, delve into the logic of BIID, go after someone for launching a future, theoretical, gender-assumed protest, and generally advocate for consistent rationale. I also may or may not refer to the American revolution as “a startup kerfuffle.”


I reach the quarter century mark of this here podcast by ranting about participation trophies, double dribbles, species dysphoria, chromosome deniers and extinction level, apocalyptic events. Dungeons and Dragons and POG collecting get nods as well. Listen at your own peril.


Episode in which I argue that rights don’t come to us in groups, but are instead guaranteed to the individual. Also, rights are not granted by government and we should resist the current trend of preferences diluting rights.